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Weapon Cases

Blitz Sport Plastic Scabbard For Blitz Bokken
Take pride and care in your weapon and use a plastic scabbard to be used with Blitz wooden bokkens except suburi bokkens.
Save up to 3 %
Blitz Sport Nunchaku Weapon Case
Black vinyl case with red felt lining. Holds one pair of nunchaku.
Save up to 4 %
Blitz Sport Escrima Weapon Case
A zip up black vinyl case that can hold up to 2 escrima sticks.
Save up to 17 %
Blitz Sport Bokken Weapon Case
Black PU material with red felt inner lining and zip end fastening. Holds up to one bokken with tsuba. (Cannot hold suburi bokken) Red felt inner lining Zip end fa…
Blitz Sport Jo Weapon Case
A 4ft in length jo case complete with shoulder strap and zip up end. Red felt lining. Can hold up to tow jo's.
Blitz Sport Bo Weapon Case
6ft in length. Red felt inner lining. Can hold up to two bo's and features a shoulder strap. 6ft long Red felt inner lining Can hold up to 2 Bos Fe…
Blitz Sport Tai Chi Sword Weapon Case
Black PU material with red felt inner lining and zip end fastening. Holds one wooden Tai Chi sword only.
Blitz Sport Tonfa Weapon Case
Black vinyl outer shell with red inner lining. Holds one pair of tonfa. Complete with carrying handles.
Blitz Sport Sai Weapon Case
Suitable for up to 21.5'' sai. Hard vinyl outer with red felt inner and carrying handles. Also has a soft inner padding to shield the sai against knocks.
Blitz Kama Weapon Case
Kama fits securely into two parts of this case. Black outer PU cover with red felt inner lining. Holds up to one pair of kama comfortably. Dimensions: 49cm x 24cm.