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Body Armour

Blitz Sport Standard Spot Body Armour
Lightweight high impact protection, with a robust outer shield. Long lasting, it shapes perfectly round your body. Blue spot one side and red spot on the other. Taped outer edgi…
Blitz Sport Standard Block Body Armour
Lightweight high impact protection incorporating a robust outer shield. Long lasting, it shapes perfectly around the body. Completely blue one side and red the reverse. Taped ou…
Wacoku WTF Approved Reversible Competition Body Armour
The ultimate approved reversible body armour, blue one side red the other, contains a shock absorbing EVA pad which is approximately 13mm thick. The shock absorbing pad of the p…
Blitz Sport Competition Block Body Armour
The professional competition Taekwondo body armour. Reversible - blue one side and red the other. This comes complete with an additional back spine panel which is double padded;…
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Firepower Leather Belly Protector
Perfect for uppercuts, knee, round kicks and body punches, this sturdy and robust belly protector absorbs the hardest of knocks. Constructed from leather, the heavy duty pad inc…
Blitz Sport Coaching Body Armour
Sturdy and robust, it absorbs those hard body strikes. Made from leather it has a raised side and mid-section, excellent for knee, round kicks and other undesirable blows! Extra…
Blitz Deluxe Thigh Pads
Designed for trainers, the Deluxe Thigh Pads allow full force leg kicking without having to move kick pads or focus mitts. It is also constructed to accommodate a belly pad comf…
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Blitz Sport WKF Approved Body Protector
Compulsory for male and female World Karate Federation competitions. Protects against blows and strikes to the chest. Elasticated back panel and strap allows unrestricted moveme…