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Indoor Xtreme - The UK's Leading Online Martial Arts Supplier

Indoor Xtreme is the UKs leading Martial Arts online shop, with a huge range of Martial Arts Equipment, Martial Arts Clothing and Martial Arts Weapons available now!  We  have an extensive range of Martial Arts Protection for sparring.

Catering for every martial arts discipline including Aikido, Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Jujitsu, Kickboxing, MMA, Kendo, Boxing, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Ninja and Venum Body Combat Clothing.

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New Products Available

Designed for practicing mid to low power kicks, this durable leather kick pad is constructed with shock absorbing, multi-layered foam for maximum protection during the most inte…
Save up to28%
A quality open palm glove excellent for semi contact, full contact, ITF or bag work. Used in competitions or clubs across the U.K. Quick and easy to get on and off! Made from hi…
Save up to31%
A full face leather head guard with peripheral vision, keeping the head compact whilst protecting the ears, cheeks, chin and forehead during training. A breathable, moisture abs…
Save up to27%
Constructed from a soft leather, this semi contact head guard fits snuggly over the head, with a Velcro cross design fastening on top of the head and Velcro strap under the chin…
Save up to27%
Designed for professional boxers and fighters, this abdominal/kidney guard offers maximum protection to the lower abdomen, kidneys and groin area during heavy sparring sessions.…
Save up to18%
Made from tough, anti-slip polyurethane artificial leather, covering a traditionally moulded, high-density, impact-absorbing foam, these 6oz boxing gloves are an excellent begin…
Save up to6%
Made from tough, anti-slip polyurethane artificial leather, this semi contact foot protector is specifically designed for the use of full contact and kick boxing. A Velcro strap…
Save up to35%
Made from tough, anti-slip polyurethane artificial leather, this semi contact open palm glove is specifically designed for semi contact, full contact or bag work. Used in clubs …
Save up to13%
Heavy-duty rubber Exoskeletal Shock Frame and Gel-Fit liner provide maximum protection, apt and comfortable in an easy to fit triple layer design. Gel Max Strapless design.Youth…